Lifestyle and Mediterranean diet

Working in the food and beverages sector, we’ve come to learn a lot about healthy living. While Mediterranean cuisine is often referred to as “The Mediterranean Diet”, it’s not a diet in the typical sense. It’s not necessary to cut out food groups, there’s no weight loss goal – it’s more of a lifestyle, and one of the healthiest lifestyles there is, too.Italy is renowned across the world for its food. The basis of more or less every meal is in fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Herbs and spices are used liberally along with extra virgin olive oil, all of which are great for your health in the correct amounts. Seafood is a staple of the diet also, commonly eaten twice a week. Poultry and dairy are eaten in more moderate amounts, and red meat and sweets are to be eaten only occasionally.When these foods are consumed in a balanced way, they have a positive effect on health that can be seen in the vibrant, lively nature of Italian culture. The diet promotes healthy hearts and provides antioxidants that are proven to contribute to longevity. Exercise and activity is another important aspect of the lifestyle - as well as wine, of course! In Italy, the average lifespan is over 82 years old, with Italy ranked number 7 on the list of countries with the longest life expectancy.The famous Mediterranean lifestyle is behind this, one of the reasons that Italian cuisine can be commonly found in just about any city in country around the world. At RDP International Trade, we are firm believers in promoting this lifestyle and helping our clients build national and international connections in the food industry that will allow for trade of healthy, Mediterranean food products worldwide.